Ariel & 007/ Representation Thoughts

I love films, so much so that I actually at one point wanted to be in them.

In some way…

But as I grew up, I began to see a clear distinction of what types of characters I would probably be told to play rather than the ones I could have played if acting was my passion. It was a fantastical pipe dream at best but still, I rarely saw someone who looked like me command the screen in the roles I dreamt of…

Fast forward to now where not only are more POC proudly stepping in and making thier art so loud and epic that you can’t help but be amazed by it, but people are realising more and more that the representation pallet has been decidedly one-sided for the longest time.

Firsts are still being achieved and celebrated, further highlighting the monochromaticness a lot of us have been blindly spoon-fed for many years (if not generations).

I’m not going to lie – seeing dumb ignorant fucks throw thier toys out of their prams about the recent casting of POCs in pivotal roles has given me such richly warm sensations.

And so it should.

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