Women In Music – July 2nd 2017

So I was asked to take part in the Women In Music Event earlier this month! Armed with a flamboyant shirt, head wrap, laptop, one turntable and a mixer, I proceeded down to the Leeds Music Hub and once set up, I listened intently to my other peers speaking of thier experiences in the Music Industry, giving tips to the audience on how to make it. The overall themes I took from it were “work hard” and “stay true to yourself”, and I FIRMLY intend on doing that!

Anyway, click here for the article by the lovely people at Counterfiet Mag that goes into more detail of that beautiful Sunday πŸ™‚

“At just after 5pm, NikNak takes to the stage to wow the audience with her super cool mix of old school hip hop, soul and jazz. The laid back vibe is a stunning accompaniment for a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon and sets the ideal tone for the creative panel, made up of a wide variety of musicians from diverse music genres…”

Aww shucks guys! Thank you! πŸ˜€

Also, here’s my mix from the day!

N x

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