My Artist Residency at Arterra Gallery, Portugal

Earlier this year, I was an Artist-In-Residence at the beautiful ARTErra Gallery in Tondela, Portugal.

Basically, whilst studying I had a question pop up in my head that I wanted to explore:

“If a DJ/Turntablist plays only sound effects in thier set, would they still be deemed a DJ/Turntablist?”

This question had been stuck in my mind for a while, and so I thought instead of simply recording my local area, why not try and see if I could do something more daring, challenging and different.

So I applied to ARTerra’s open artist call in 2016 with this idea, and my proposal was accepted!

Then at the end of May, I travelled to the gallery via Faro, I was there for a week recording the local areas via soundwalks using a Zoom Microphone and had a truly amazing time there! I recorded the local town, the river, birds, the wind, insects… anything the zoom mic could pick up basically – the more material I have to work with, the better!

I even did some photography and videography there which I will also use as material to help me prepare for my performance(s). *I’m a bit of a sucker for macro photography – all the photos here are mine! πŸ˜‰ *


The recordings will also be compiled together as one soundscape or several soundscapes – I haven’t decided yet (there’s LOTS of material to go through still!)

The Goal?

I will be turning those recordings into samples to use as part of my MA, whereby I’ll be creating a piece/pieces that will reflect my experiences there.

So once all the editing is complete, the soundscape(s) will be available to listen to online and at the gallery, and I’ll film and record my peformance of the material too! πŸ˜€

Big thanks to the ARTErra team for giving me a chance and being so helpful during my time, I hope to return sooner rather than later! πŸ™‚


All images Β© 2017 NikNak.

N x

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